Friday, March 27, 2009


I am floundering in my poker journey atm and trying to decide whether to focus on 6max or FR.... Full Ring is a lot less swingy but 6 max is more fun and profitable over the long haul I think. March started out great, then a huge 15 buy in downswing really took the wind out of my sails. Finally starting to recover up about 6 buy ins over the past three days...hopefully will continue through the end of March. Hope your pokering is going well and hope to see you on the tables!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Post in a long while

Hey all,
I have been derelict about posting. However things are going better now...tough couple of months that saw me need to cash out most of my online stuff. I am now slowly rebuilding my online roll playing .05/.10 mostly on stars. Hopefully be back to .10/.25 within the week. Really have been working hard on my game and it seems to be paying off. Joined Stoxpoker and am really getting a lot out of the vid's on there. Seems like the more I learn the more I see I need to learn...viscous cycle. Anyway hope to see you at the tables soon!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Results/December Goals

November turned out to be an up and down month
+ Cleared all but $70 of the Carbon bonus
+ Made it to step 7 of the Thanksgiving promotion
+ Watched a ton of Stox videos
+ Played approximately 30k hands on Carbon/2k on Poker Stars
+ I have really seen an improvement in my game
+ Comfortably 8 tabling on Carbon at the moment.

December Goals:
+ Finish clearing Carbon bonus
+ Complete steps to 100k CP's on Carbon Poker
+ Continue a video a day on Stox
+ Purchase a set of Poker Chips with CP's on Carbon
+ Read Tommy Angelo's book on Poker
+ By end of December, move all BR to Stars for run at SN for 2009

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy

Wow, Friday night and Saturday night were really fishy on Carbon. Know I shouldn't be results oriented, but over the two nights up 4 buy ins (25nl) in about 2000 hands - 10 tabling. Continuing to run decent at 100 nl playing short stack...gotta work on my short stack strategy however. Still wish Carbon would configure their software to help multi-tablers. Really is a pain since it takes two clicks to perform an action. You have to select the table, then select the action. Be nice if they would pop up like they do on stars. Still have $130 to clear on a reload bonus - best thing I ever did was cash out most of my $ and reload it with a %200 bonus. Can't believe they let me do that. Anyway that is all for now.

Favorite hand of the night

AK spades vs, AA, KK....all in pre flop

Flop Qs Js Td
Turn 8s
River Ts

For a royal flush, ~$40 profit and a $25 Royal Flush Bonus from Carbon.....nice

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Played a two hour session on Carbon last night....very very frustrating. KK lose to AA, QQ lose to KK, AK lose to 33, my flush loses to nut flush....just one of those sessions. However through about 2000 hands only down less than one buy in playing 25nl so all in all not bad. I have been taking a few shots at 100nl and am actually up a buy in over about800-900 hands over the past couple days. 100nl is where the bad beat tables start on Carbon so the play is not really typical of 100nl I guess. It would be nice to hit the bad beat jackpot, currently over 600k at the moment. Anyway we can dream can't we.

Favorite hand of the night, AA utg, raised to 4xbb, shoved on by button with AK (who had me covered by about +40 bb). Aces held. Two hands later AA again, re raised same players raise who shoved remainder of stack, I called of course, and he flipped over QQ and my Aces held again. Hope to see him again soon.

Good luck on the felts!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The month is going better after a rocky start...down about 8 buy ins over first two weeks then up 8 over last 4 days. Continuing to work off my Carbon deposit bonus, and at step 8 of the Thanksgiving promotion. Should clear the bonus by the end of the month if all goes well. Haven't been able to play at all at Poker Stars this month due to serious number of hands at Carbon. Still working through a video a day on Stox.....I think it is really helping my game. I have plugged a couple of leaks and it has made a huge improvement in my game. Thats all for now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carbon poker and having fun

Been working hard to clear my Carbon bonus, unfortunately not a lot of time to play. Carbon has to have the best feeling software for single tables of all the sites. However, tbh, their multi-tabling capabilites are horrible. The best I have been able to work out is to stack all my tables, turn off the bring active table to the front button, then manually click the flashing tab at the top to bring up the table requiring action. I ten tabled for a couple hours on Saturday to mixed results (only had one misclick folded an overfull (queens and eights) to a $4.00 bet into a $20.00 pot on the turn.....not a great feeling). I thought I played ok, but kinda hectic with all the clicking required. If anybody has a better solution let me know (I know I could go to another site but with the bonus I am working off and the thanksgiving promotion - I am getting an effective rakeback of $65.00 per 15000 carbon points (which equates to approximately 6500-7000 hands since you get 3 cp's per flopped hand, but not all hands see a flop). Anyway I have played about 5,000 hands so far this month.....hoping to get a bunch in this week.

I am really enjoying my stoxpoker membership....some great content on the site...still managing to watch one video a day. I can already see a difference.

Gotta get back to of luck and see you at the tables.